About us

Who are we ?
We, Pharas, are an international chess brand founded on the following principle : Find ways to express our passion for the game of chess.
Why ?
As chess players ourselves, we think that the time when we are closest to that feeling of being a true chess player is over the board. Nothing beats that feeling. However, we have awlays wanted to go the extra mile and represent our passion for chess even more. 
What is our goal ?
We want to offer everybody the chance to express themselves with chess. We put forward a variety of nice and clean designs, ranging from witty to elegant, on apparel and much more.
We also are very much concerned with being eco-responsible, that is why we only work with partners who can provide multiple fulfillment locations for a cleaner shipping method, and who uses eco-friendly printing methods for our products. With this in mind, we make sure that with any order, our customers only leave a minimal footprint on the planet.